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Frequently Asked Questions 

What is GenSexNYC?

GenSexNYC is a 13-week workshop in which groups of 15 participants and 2 facilitators will meet once weekly for 3 hours. GenSexNYC is modeled after the FemSex workshop started at Brown University and which now exists in various universities and cities around the United States.

What subjects are covered in the workshop?

Workshop topics include, in no particular order: sexual health, body image, power and privilege, masturbation, orgasm, consent, communication, erotica, sex toys, safer sex, relationship models, reproductive choices, sexual intimacy, gender, sexuality, race, class, institutional and work dynamics, and boundary violation.

Who can take the workshop?


Anyone can take the GenSexNYC workshop! GenSexNYC is inclusive of all genders, races, ethnicities, sexualities, incomes, occupations, ages, religions, and abilities. We ask that you be 18 years or older. If you have questions about your eligibility, email us.


Where and when will the workshop be?​


The workshop will meet once a week for three hours. Typically, workshop sections are held from 7-10pm on weekday nights, although participant interest and availability generally determines our schedule.

What is the time commitment like?​

The workshop will meet once a week from late February to May. Each meeting will be three hours long. It is very important that participants do not come late or leave early from the workshop. In order to create and maintain a safe space, attendance is crucial at every workshop. We ask that you reflect on your ability to commit to the workshop before you apply.

How much does the workshop cost?


We are committed to making GenSexNYC as accessible as possible. However, there are costs associated with running the workshop and thus we ask that you donate what you can at the end of the workshop. Please give what you can so that GenSexNYC can continue to exist in our community! For reference, we estimate the average cost of an individual's participation in the workshop to be $120; these costs are informed by space rentals, speaker fees, and general materials for each section (e.g. medical/contraceptive devices, handouts/readings). We are always open to donations of time, space, or materials!

What actually happens during a workshop?


The workshop is facilitated by 2 peer facilitators who have taken FemSex/GenSex before, either in NYC or in another context. They create a curriculum that consists of various activities such as small and large group discussions, free-writing exercises, and other interactive activities. Each week the curriculum will engage a different topic (see question 2 for a list of topics).


What are my responsibilities outside of the workshop? Is there homework?


There are weekly assignments and readings for the workshop that participants are asked to complete such as written reflections, zine readings or creative projects. Participants are asked to dedicate as much time as they are able to complete the assignments.

What special language rules are there for the workshop?


Our goal is to create a space in which participants feel safe sharing their personal experiences with the group. To achieve this we insist that participants speak only from their own experience and avoid generalizations about any particular group etc. We encourage the use of “I-Statements” to ensure that participants focus on their individual experiences. We believe that this is crucial for creating safety within the group.

What do I have to do in order to take the workshop?


In order to take the workshop you need to apply.  A link to the application will be posted on the homepage when it is live. Please check the website for application deadlines.


I took FemSex somewhere else but would really love to be involved. How do I do that?


Email us! There are many things you can do that would really help us out. If you want to facilitate a section, there will be a facilitator application in semesters to come. We also always welcome help with coordinating the workshop: there is lots to do behind-the-scenes. If you have experience, a particular interest, materials, or time to share, email us!


I have questions that weren’t addressed here...


We are so sorry! just shoot us an email and we will get back to you:


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