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Participant Stories 

Anonymous Reflections, Thoughts, and Feedback from Former Participants 

"GenSexNYC is a sacred space. It teaches you to take everything you ever thought about gender, sexuality, privilege, identity, and power, and reframe it. Look at it through somebody else's lens-- even if just for one session or one story-- and then reassess your beliefs and certainties. It simultaneously flips your world on its head and holds you while you wobble."


"One thing I loved about GenSex was taking an experience from section and using it to start a dialogue with people in my life that I don't think I would have been able to access otherwise."


"GenSexNYC  was such an incredible experience- it completely changed the way I approach gender and sexuality, inviting in broader, more accepting models of each. GenSexNYC enabled me to see beyond traditional models of relationships, sex, gender, etc, which made me feel much more free to embrace myself as a person. In addition, I feel that GenSexNYC's language tools were incredibly helpful for breaking down assumptions embedded in my speech. I'm so grateful to have been given the opportunity."


[GenSexNYC] "helped me challenge my own engrained negativity, realize the importance of sharing and validation, think more broadly about how intimacy can be defined, and challenged my preconceived notions about privilege and oppression."

"The consent section was life-changing. Never before had I considered myself able to give consent or understand choice in sexual encounters and beyond. I'm increasingly aware of my power and the ability to keep it for myself rather than give it away without consent. GenSex has given me the courage to set boundaries and make positive changes in all aspects of my life."

"[GenSexNYC is] an amazing discussion group that explores sexuality, interesting identities, oppression, and society in a safe, challenging, space."


"[GenSexNYC is] a group of people willing to reflect on their sex, sexuality, and sexual health in the context of power and privilege, within a brave space of no judgment and the acceptance of multiple truths."


"[GenSexNYC is] challenging. But you'll know yourself much better by the end."


"So enriching! Loved it. Made me think really deeply about myself and my relationships with others. "


"[GenSexNYC] has made me question many assumptions in the most wonderful way. Some beliefs I was able to talk out and reconsider and cast aside when I saw they weren't serving me. I learned so much and have been so deeply impacted."


"I loved this workshop! So so awesome! I feel more confident [and] secure. [I feel] fortunate to have been a part of this."


"[GenSexNYC] changed my life (sense of identity, my relationship with myself and others, feeling of personal power) for the better! [I] can't say enough good things! This was one of the single most valuable experiences I've ever had! I kind of can't put into words all the good this has done for me." 


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